WordPress Maintenance, backups and updates

WordPress maintenance backups and updatesToday we started a campaign on Facebook to promote our WordPress maintenance backups and updates. If you have a WordPress website we strongly recommend you have a current backup. The code that makes WordPress work can be hacker friendly if not kept up to date. This makes it very important to keep your WordPress installation up to date and backed up!  Even with all the code up to date you can be hacked. Don’t risk losing your website to hackers. Call us 704-660-7052.

Professional WordPress Hacker, Protect your website
Professional WordPress Hacker

We can do as much or as little as you require. We have options to keep your WordPress Software and plugins up to date and maintain an up to date backup. With good management of your site in place, you can rest easy that it will be very unlikely that you will get hacked. And if you get hacked (and the hackers are trying) your website can be restored. WordPress websites are one of the most hacked items on the internet because if a hacker gets in to your website, they can do so much. They have all sorts of reasons to get access to a website and none of them are good.

Call us and let us be proactive for you.

Armature WordPress Hacker
Armature WordPress Hacker

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