SEO, Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a form of internet marketing. D you want your business to be on top and stay there? You must keep marketing your website. Getting on the first page of Google is not easy and staying there is even more difficult.  If you stop marketing, your competitors will pass you in the search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimization, is on nearly every website we build. It is not required but without it, your website will not perform as well as it could.  To add SEO, we ask you for a list of the keywords and phrases that are most important to your website to attract customers.  We will add these words and phrases in various areas on your website.  Some will be visible to visitors and some will not.

 You should make the list and keep it handy for marketing. Start with the words and phrases you think people will use to search for your service or product. Ask your friends, customers, and check your competitor’s sites! We can also research and develop your list and track how well your website is performing against your competitors.

Local SEO is very different than regular SEO.  SEO, search engine optimization, is things on your website that help search engines find you.  Local SEO is managing the major directories on the internet to help ensure they have the correct information about your business.  If they have conflicting information, it will reduce the relevance your website has with the search engines.  This will reduce the traffic to your website.  Our program will help to ensure things like the exact name of your business, address, phone number, business categories and more are correct on the major directories. Visit the link below and learn more about how lake norman website design can help your business stay on top!

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