Website Hosting

Lake Norman Website Hosting
This is a Server Rack similar to the ones we use at Lake Norman Website Design for Hosting

We operate multiple Linux based servers; this allows us to be in control of our Lake Norman Website Hosting Customers Website Performance. When issues arise (and they always do), we can troubleshoot them without need of a third party. Most server-side issues are never recognized by our clients, we overcome the majority of obstacles before they become issues.

Most performance issues arise from servers that are overloaded.  A lot of hosting companies do this to improve profits.  The more websites they pack onto a server the more profit they make off each sever.  We focus on providing fast load times for the websites we host.  Because of this we have several servers and keep the server load at a respectable level.

We don’t compete on price, we compete on service.  If you call us during normal business hours you will speak to a member of our team.  If on the rare occasion you get voice mail, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.