Keyword Research

keyword research

Today’s tip is Keyword Research.

When promoting your website or business, you need a list of relevant keywords for your business.   You should make a list and keep it handy for marketing.  Don’t focus on the same word or phrase all the time.  Use your list to keep yourself focused on various keywords relevant to your business.

When developing your list, start with all the words and phrases you think someone may use to search for your service or product.  This part is easy but you need to do more.  Keyword research is searching for what others think to search on.

  • Ask your friends what they would search on to find you.
  • Ask your customers what they would search on.
  • The most important source of keywords can be your competitors.  Research to find what keywords they are focusing on.

If you need help with keyword research, call us!  This is a service we offer.  We can research and develop your list and track how well your website is performing against your competitors.


If you need more details or help with your Keyword Research, Call Us at 704-660-7052.


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